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Future Planning

Future Planning with CullenCrea Funeral Home


One of the most common remarks a funeral director hears is, “If they had only told us what they wanted…”  Because death and funerals are not easy topics to discuss, many families never really know what their loved ones may have wanted.

The difference between an unprepared family that is faced with making such hard decisions and a family that has pre-arranged their services is remarkable.  Relieving some of the emotional distress and the financial obligations that come with a funeral is a wonderful gift to those you leave behind.

Personal pre-planning arrangements are made with a CullenCrea counselor in a relaxed atmosphere. Future planning meetings can be held in the comfort of your own home. Our counselor will review all aspects and options available to you and discuss various payment options. When death occurs, your family need only make a few simple decisions.

Please feel free to call CullenCrea Funeral Home if you would like to learn more about celebration of life pre-planning. Advice and consultations are free. For more information call (715) 246-2667.